5 Keys to Make the Playoffs

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The time to win is now if the MTSC is to see playoff hockey

Now that’s what I am talking about!

The Jets had a great game last night and need to build on that to make the playoffs.

They seemed to have a little extra jump in their step and when the Flyers pressed they were able to weather the storm and then respond. All in all it was a solid effort against one of the better teams in the NHL.

It was nice to see Chris Thorburn get his first goal. I have been a big critic of the guy, but he managed to put one in the net when he had to and helped the Jets get the victory.

For the Jets to make the post season a few things are going to need to go there way. They will need to reach deep inside themselves to find the strength its going to take to make the playoffs.


The Jets won last night without Big Buff, Evander Kane or Alexander Burmistrov. You put those guys back in the lineup and this will be a team to reckon with.  The Jets haven’t had a full lineup since mid December, and it shows. I will contend that once healthy the Jets are a top third team in the NHL.


Now even once the Jets are healthy they still lack another legit scoring threat. Chevy needs to get the boys some help upfront. The trade deadline is coming up and the Jets need to find a top six forward. Now that’s easier said then done. Top six forwards don’t exactly grow on trees and there is now way the jets should mortgage the future for a player. Yet, with that being said, the Jets have a few UFAs that might be of interest to some teams. Chevy could use those players to entice a team into giving up a guy who can help the Jets put the puck in the net.


Its didn’t take long for the media’s love affair with the Jets to end. Both the Sun and the Free Press have been guilty of writing this team off too early. They have said they lack the talent to compete for a playoff birth and should just give up on this season and worry about the future.

Local writers have also tried to start rifts between the coaching staff and certain players. There have been attacks on Kane’s character and Dustin Byfuglien’s fitness. The local media has even gone as far as admonishing the fans for booing the opposing team.

It’s hard enough to win in the NHL without having your own cities media on a crusade to destroy the team. Now, the players and the staff will say that these stories don’t effect them, but there is no way to avoid the constant barrage of verbal assaults by the local press. The team just needs to realize that the fans, the people that truly matter, are behind them 100%.


MTS Centre has become one of the hardest places to play in the league. Teams are at a severe disadvantage when they enter the building. The crowd is electric and helps propel the Jets to victory most nights. The Jets need to figure out a way to win away from the home crowd. Wins on the road have been sparse and the Jets will need as many as they can get in order to reach the promised land.


If the Jets just trade wins with the teams in front of them then their chances of making the post season quickly go away. In order for the jets to play past the regular season they will need some help from the teams directly in front of them.

They need Washington, Florida and Toronto to all have collapses at some point before the end of the season. If the Jets can get a string of wins, coupled with a slump by at least 2 of the 3 aforementioned teams, they can put themselves clearly into hunt for the playoffs. Any games against those teams are now must win affairs. The Jets are only 4 points out of the South Eastern lead and winning that division would be the easiest path to the playoffs.

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