A Letter to the People of Quebec City

| February 18, 2012 | 1 Comment

Dear people of Quebec City,

For the love of Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin get your act together!

Yesterday the city of Seattle unveiled a plan to build a new arena. Everyone knows that this is to lure a NBA franchise back but conventional wisdom also tells us that the NHL would love to move into the 12th largest TV market in the US and have a geographic rival for Vancouver. The operators of the new building would also like to have the NHL as a tenet since that would guarantee another +41 nights of possible revenue.

Bring back the Nords!

So now Seattle has moved to the fore front of Cities who are next in line for an NHL team and even though another mystery buyer for the Coyotes was mentioned yesterday (I think this was in response to Seattle’s announcement) there is a good chance that the Coyotes will be available at the end of the season.

Come on Quebec City! This should be you they are talking about. You should be the next in line for an NHL team, not Seattle. You guys have the fans, the ownership and the civic will to get it done. All you have to do is put shovels in the ground and its yours. Yet for some reason you are taking your time finishing the deal.

The NHL isn’t going to wait for you. They are going to take the next city thats ready to go and right now it looks like it will be Seattle. The NHL will let them play in the Key Arena for a season or two and the northwestern city has no lack of Billionaires ready to own a team. Both Steve Balmer’s and Paul Allen’s names have come up and while Karl Péladeau is rich he isn’t even anywhere close to the boys from Microsoft. You would also think the NHL would love to add an owner with the pedigree of Allen or Balmer as opposed to a guy who is unknown outside of the province of Quebec.

Your window is closing Quebec. If an owner ever comes forward in Kansas City or Vegas you will drop beneath them for the next team. You have to act now or risk being left out in the cold for a long long time. As much as people would like us to believe that a bunch of teams could move the reality is that the NHL will do everything to not allow another team to move after the next one goes.

Phoenix is your best bet. This Mystery buyer will go away just as the other ones have. He is only being brought up now to try and up attendance and draw attention away from the fact the team is on its last legs. You can have this team. We want you to have this team. You just need to suck it up and start building your arena.

If its money scale back your plans a bit. Look at Winnipeg, they got back in the NHL without building a $400 million arena. Build something nice and decent but you need to build something and quick or risk being left out again.

Vive les Nords!

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  1. mike says:

    from quebec, we love u

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