A Look At The Jets Who Could Be Traded (and some who won’t)

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OK so we are closing into the home stretch of the 2011-2012 season and the Jets have a legit chance to make the playoffs. Really the only thing they are lacking is a legit scoring threat. Thats not to say that the Jets don’t have guys who can put the puck in the net. They just don’t have enough of them. Its too easy for other teams to focus on one line and shut them down. So if the boys are going to make a run at the off season then Chevy needs to get them some help.

The good news is we have a couple guys who we could move to get some extra help. Thanks to a rash of injuries that have decimated the D corps the Jets have actually built a fair amount of depth on the back end. If the Jets are going to move anyone it will come from the blue line first.


Johnny Oduya

Johnny Oh No as he was known as during the first part of te season due to his horrible giveaways is the most logical choice for the Jets to move. Oduya is a vet D man who will be an Unrestricted Free Agent at the end of the season. Lots of teams are in the need of a solid D man and despite his early troubles Oduya has really turned his game around. He has slowly become the defenseman that the Jets had hoped for.  The Jets are going to need to open up their pocket books for the likes of Pavelec and Kane so there might not be much left for the young Swede. Oduya may not want to stay in Winnipeg so it would be better to move him now rather than risk getting nothing for him once free agency opens ups.

Mark Flood

Another UFA who has really come into his own this season. Flood has impressed the coaching staff when he was asked to fill in due to the massive amount of injuries the D faced early in the season. I think the Jets will reward Flood with a contract offer and will look to retain the services of the former Moose.

Randy Jones

Jones has had a rough year. he has been injured a bunch and has never really got into the flow of the game. I think that if the Jets have to do a package deal there would be a chance that Jones could be included. Jones is a vet who can be solid when he’s healthy. He might be a great pot sweetener if the Jets are forced to add a plater to the deal.


Kyle Wellwood

Wellwood has seen his stock rise considerably and would probably be highly sought after in the free agent market. The Jets may be able to get a decent player for Wellwood rather risk losing him. He also would be a great deal sweetener. His production has dropped a bit but it is clear that he is one of the hardest working guys out there. Again if the Jets don’t have a long term plan for Wellwood they need to move him and at least get something for the comeback kid.

Jim Slater

I really can’t see the Jets dealing Slater. I think that they will do everything they can to hold onto their top defensive center. Slater has been a workhorse all season and should be rewarded with a nice 3 year deal from the Jets. He’s never going to be your leading scorer but you need guys like this on your roster and many teams would jump at the chance at adding a guy like Slater. So maybe if the right offer comes along the Jets may be tempted to move him but I think its a longshot.

Evander Kane

If anyone is seriously thinking about moving Kane then they know nothing about hockey. Sure he’s been a little inconsistant and there have been talk of problems off the ice but a lot of that is just rumors planted by people who don’t like him. Kane will be a RFA this season and should get a pretty hefty raise in pay. Unless Kane has told True North he won’t sign with Jets then I think you will see the young winger stay a Jet for at least a few more years. If Kane doesn’t want to be a Jet then Chevy could demand a high price for the young talent.

Andrew Ladd

Here is another guy that some “fans” have been calling to trade. I got some news for you guys. Not going to happen. Ladd just signed a long term deal with the Jets and both he and True North are committed to the relationship. Yes Ladd has had a rough year but I think thats partly due to not having enough skilled guys around him. Ladd is the captain you want for this team. He’s tough, he can score and  is great in the dressing room. This is the type of guy you build a team around not trade off at the first sign of trouble.


Chris Mason

Mason wants to be a Jet and I think the Jets would like to hold onto the very capable back up but if the right deal were to come along Chevy would be crazy not to jump at it. Mason is a UFA at the end of the season and a lot of teams will be banging on his door. He is a great backup and could probably start for a 3rd of the teams in the league. If a team were to offer a top six forward for the vet goalie then Mason will probably be in the market for some new equipment.


True North has made it clear that they want to build a team through the draft and will only make trades if they will benefit the team for the long run. I don’t expect nor would I want Chevy to mortgage the future of the team for a rental. If and when they pull the trigger it will be for someone who fits into the long term plan of the team.

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