Blues Vs. Jets Feb 25th Game Preview

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St. Louis Blues 37-17-7, 81 pts

Winnipeg Jets 30-26-7, 67 pts

1:00pm MTS Centre

Lets not raise the Southeast Division Banner to the rafters just yet but we still all can enjoy being in first place for a while at least. The Jets get to possibly expand on their lead today as they face the surprising Blues whom have been playing very well of late. I think Claude Noel was probably pleased with his teams last minute meltdown against the Bolts. It gives him something to teach from and doesn’t allow the players to think too high of themselves.



The Jets haven’t developed that Killer instinct that will help them close out teams just yet. They go into a defensive shell in the 3rd if they have a lead and lately that has proved costly. It cost then a point against the Flyers and almost one against the Lightning. I’ve said it before and will say it again a good offense is a good defense. The Jets needed to score in the 3rd to put the deadly Bolts away. They were up by four and started to check out from the game. That is totally unacceptable. The game is 600 minutes long you play 60 minutes no matter the score.


The powerplay of late has been nothing les than spectacular. A lot of that I think begins with putting Stapleton on the point with Big Buff. Yeah its scary not to have a true D man back there but Timmy adds a lot to the unit. He’s got a great shot and acts as a quarterback out there. They seem to run the powerplay through him and for now its working. Lets make sure we acknowledge Big Buffs contributions. The Bolts tried to shut him down and still didn’t have an answer for the Big D man. They would try and double team him and he would dish it to an open man, they would give him space and he’d blast one from the point.


Yes they are first but as the local media will be more than happy to point out they have played more games than the teams beneath them. There is nothing the Jets can do about the schedule. All they can do is worry about the teams they are facing and win as many games as possible. As I said in a post yesterday, games in hand mean nothing if the other teams can’t win. All the teams chasing the Jets have struggled as of late so the Jets need to make sure they win as many as possible. In 2 weeks it will all be even (games wise) but until then the Jets just need to keep winning. They have made great strides but they aren’t there yet. They can taste the playoffs but there still is a lot of work to do.

Go Jets Go.

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