Bolts Vs. Jets Feb 23rd Game Preview

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Tampa Bay Lightning 27-26-6, 60 pts

Winnipeg Jets 29-26-7, 65 pts

7:30 MTS Centre

Lets just get this out in the open and over with. Tuesday’s loss was terrible, heartbreaking and possibly demoralizing. The Jets came within 10 seconds of 1st place in the Southeast and with that the 3rd seed for  the playoffs. Since Big buff decided to let Simmonds slip behind him the Jets are now tied for 1st but because of games in hand are in 9th place. Just goes to show you how quick things can change in the NHL. The truth is that loss may be the best thing that could have happened to this team. Claude Noel now has something to build off of. The Jets tried to hold onto a slim one goal lead against a team loaded with offensive firepower. Maybe losing that extra point is the wakeup call the Jets needed.



Seriously its over there is no use dwelling on it. If the Jets win tonight then the loss will be forgotten and the media will talk about how resilient this team is. If they drop tonights game the narrative will be that the Tuesday night loss has stuck with them and could ruin their season. The best way to stop the talk is to control the story and the Jets can do that by going out there and playing 3 complete periods.


The Jets were only in that game due to the amazing play of their goaltender. Pav was amazing and almost single handedly won that game for the boys from River City. The problem is the Jets decided to try and nurse a one goal lead and against the flyers that is a recipe for distaster. The Flyers are just too good for that and the Jets just are not built to shut down teams defensively especially without Bogosian in the lineup. The best defense is always a strong offense. You want to shut the other team down in the final minute of the game? The keep the puck in their end. The Jets gave up the game tying goal because they sat back and let the Flyers set up. You have to be agressive at all times. These guys have so much skill that if you give them any space they will make you pay.


Lets call and spade a spade. Big Buff’s defensive breakdown cost the Jets the game. There should be no way that Simmonds gets open like that with 10 seconds left. Buff should have been all over him. Who cares if you take a penalty, just take the guy out of the play. If Buff wanted to shut down Simmonds he could have but the big guy got lazy and it cost the Jets sole possession of 1st in the Southeast. You have to play man to man in front of your own net. The D man should almost ignore the puck and focus on his man. If it looks like he’s going to shoot you have to take him out.

Go Jets Go!

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