Bruins Vs. Jets Dec 6th Game Preview

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Boston Bruins 17-7-1 35pts

Winnipeg Jets 11-11-4 26pts

7:30 MTS Centre

Bring on the Bruins! The Jets are flying high after two impressive victories last week over the Yotes and the Devils. They look like they have finally figured out the defensive system and are getting some solid play from Ondrej Pavelec. The crowd at MTSC has been amazing and have definitely been getting into the heads of the opposing team. Now comes the best test of weather or not the Jets have turned the corner. The Boston Bruins who haven’t lost since the dawn of time (ok maybe not that long) come into town and look to add another notch to their bed pst so to speak. The last time these teams met the Jets jumped out to a two goal lead only to squander it and ultimately lose the game. That can’t happen again.



Everyone is now talking about the Jets and how they might, just might be a playoff team. The boys need to tune that out and just do what has been getting them success lately. This is a young team and they may want to believe what everyone is saying about them and let their guard down. Coach Noel needs to keep this bunch humble and grounded. He needs to keep them hungry and wanting more. Against the Bruins there will be no room for any mental errors. If they lose focus for even a shit the Bruins have the skill and the experience to make the Jets suffer. This team is doing better but they aren’t there yet.


While the Jets can’t afford to get too high on themselves they also must not buy into the story that the media is selling that the Boston Bruins are the next Dynasty in hokey. Are they a good team? yes. Are they a dominate force in the league. Yes. Are they unbeatable. No. Any team can be beat on any given day. You just have to believe that it is possible. The Jets will have to win the little battles. Start with a shift, then a period and then before you know it you’ve won the game. The Jets should respect the Bruins but not to the point where they just hand them the win. yes the Bruins are good but they can beat.


Patience is a virtue and the jets are going to need a lot of it as they face a very good Boston team. The Jets need to be counter puncher tonight. They will have to look for an opening and when they see it make the Bruins play. As good as the Jets have been playing of late I don’t think they have the personelle to go toe to toe with the Bruins. If this is a wide open game then my money is on Boston.. So the Jets need to adapt. They need to take away the neutral zone there fore giving the Bruins less ice to work with. With less ice they may feel the need to force a pass or two. When that happens the Jets need to jump all over it. Boston won’t make a lot of mistakes but when they do the Jets will have to capitalize.

Go Jets Go!

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