Bruins Vs. Jets Feb 17th Game Preview

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Boston Bruins 35-18-2, 72 pts

Winnipeg Jets(27-26-6, 60 pts

7:00pm MTS Centre

There was a lot of emotion last night as te Jets battled to a shoot out victory over the Minnesota Wild. The Jets need to channel that gain as they face the Might Bruins of Boston. Lets hope that the Jets can build on that win and start stringing a few victories together as they remain very much in the playoff hunt. Evander Kane had a huge game last night. I think the fog from his concussion and the effects of his character assassination attempts by the media are starting to lift. The whole team played with a fire in their bellies that hasn’t been seen in a while. Big Buff absolutely destroyed Peters of the wild when Peters tried to give him a little bump after a whistle. Later Tanner Glass participated in one of the best fights of the year as he was standing up for a teammate. Its nice to see these guys come together and fight as a team.



When a fan base decides to pick on one player it can have devastating effects. A few weeks ago Dallas mavericks star Lamar Odum was playing in New York. as you know Odum is married to Khloe Kardashian. Anytime Odum touched the ball he was treated to a relentless chant of “Ugly Sister”. Odum was visibly shaken and his game suffered. Well tonight Jets fans get their chance to affect the game as Tim Thomas will be in Net. Just last month Thomas famously declined an invitation at the White House because he doesn’t like President Obama. While Thomas has the right to do what he wants his excuse and defense was very weak. He seemed to get upset by people questioning his motives. Well tonight Jets fans can serenade Thomas tonight in an attempt to through the superstar goalie off his game. A few people have suggested OBAMA,OBAMA while I like YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN. Either way the fans need to get on Thomas early. Trust me he’ll hear everything and as we all know goalies can be a little sensitive at times.


Thousands of Jets fans made the trek to St. Paul for the game last night. They helped propel the Jets to victory by giving the team a lot of emotions to feed off of. Tonight there will be a lot more Jets fans in attendance and the team needs to feed off of it as they did last night. They played with passion and that is what enabled them to come back and win the game. It looks like the offense is starting to get it going and it couldn’t happen at a better time. Players will play better when the crowd is sending them positive energy. If the fans believe so will the players.


The Jets HAVE to gett the power play going and shore up the penalty kill. When the special teams struggle the whole team struggles and if you don’t believe me just look at the first month and a half of the season for proof. Its no shock that this recent slide has coincided with a drop in power play production. Last night the power Play was horribel with only mustering a handful of shots. You will not score on 100% of the shots you don’t take. The Jets move the puck around very well but seem to want to be a little too cute with the puck. They seem to be always looking for that perfect pass, that perfect setup. Thats not going to always happen. Teams are too good to let you have the easy ones. You need to throw pucks on net and get rebounds. thats how you score.

Go Jets Go!

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