Capitals Vs. Jets Dec 15th Game Preview

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Washington Capitals 15-13-1 31pts

Winnipeg Jets 14-12-4 32pts

7:30 MTS Centre

The Jets usually play good when the top teams come to visit them. Guess what? Washington is NOT on of the top teams this year. In fact they are beneath the Jets in the standings. Who would have guess that 10 days away from Christmas and the Jets would be higher than the Caps and the Bolts? Still I think that the Jets won’t have any problem getting up for this game. The question is what Washington team will show up?Will it be the high flying offensive juggernaut or the listless, directionless mess they have been all year? I expect the crowd to get on Ovi quickly and another raucous night at the MTS Centre. This si a tough building to play in no matter what the Coach of the Wild says.



This season I have called out Buff, Kane, Little and Wheeler and then right after they got it going and have been on fire since. Its time to call out everyone’s favorite waste of cap space Chris Thorburn. In 30 games Thorburn has one assist and is -10. He contributes nothing offensively and is a defensive liability. Sure he might be a good “character guy” but I can think of a half dozen guys in St. John’s who would contribute more. I’m sure Chris is a nice guy and a good leader in the dressing room but we need to see more from him. Yes he is not Crosby and no one expects him to score 30 goals. At this point I would settle for one. Thorburn needs to get it going or needs to get going. I don’t care if he doesn’t score a single goal. We have other guys for that. What bothers me is that he’s -10 and a turn over machine. Get it together Chris!


Two times so far this season Bogosian has had hits reviewed by the NHL and both times he’s escaped any punishment. I thinks its fair to say that the big kid is now on Shanny’s radar. Bogosian plays the game on the edge. He’s not a dirty player, he’s just big and sometimes when he matches up against smaller opponents he crushes them and it looks real bad. Bogo needs to be a little more careful out there. The refs will be watching him now and he will not get the benefit of the doubt again. Yes Play physical. Yes play hard but know when to draw the line. The hit against Bouchard the other night didn’t warrant a suspension yet it did deserve the 5 and game he was assessed. The Jets got lucky that there was only 66 seconds left in the game or that penalty could have been costly.


This is what Claude Noel has been wishing for and it looks like he has got his multi tiered attack. Kane, Wheeler and Little are all on fire and when you have three players who are contributing it makes it very hard on the other team to defend against. Now the trick is to keep these guys going. teams have to now factor on shutting down three dynamic player rather than one. It makes trying to match lines very hard and gives the home team a tactical advantage.  Injuries are going to force Noel to juggle the lines a bit but he still needs to find a way to keep these guys on the score sheet.

Go Jets Go!

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