Coyotes Vs. Jets Dec 1st 2011 Game Preview

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Phoenix Coyotes 13-7-3 29pts

Winnipeg Jets 9-11-4 22pts

7:30 MTS Centre

This is the game a lot of people have had marked on their calendars ever since they announced the Thrashers would be leaving Atlanta for the River City. In case you have been living under a rock the Coyotes used to be the Jets and almost became the Jets again on numerous occasions. In fact at one point we were 10 minutes away from getting our former team. A lot of the Coyote players made it perfectly clear that they didn’t want to move to Winnipeg so I have a feeling that the fans are going to let them know what they think about that. This will be an emotional game for the fans but the players need to keep an even keel and stay out of the box. This is a very good Coyotes team that is well coached and playing way above their heads. We can win this one but its going to be tough.



Against the Sens the Jets dominated most of the game yet still managed to find a way to lose. They would press then Ottawa would bring the puck down and score. Defensive breakdowns hurt this team yet again. Our core D men need to play better. They need to think about D first then offense second. Yeah that lane is wide open but what happens if the goalie makes a save? What happens if you turn over the puck? The Jets found out those answers the hard way versus the Senators. Games are won and lost in your own end. We are blessed to have a world class goalie but we can’t expect him to carry the load all by himself.


You can blame some on the reffing but the Jets are still taking way too many penalties and its really hurting the team. Not only does it put you at a disadvantage when it comes to man power but it also disrupts the flow of the game. Lines get broken up, match-ups get missed and players just can’t seem to find their rhythm if they are always on the kill. Sometime penalties are unavoidable. Sometimes you have to pull a guy down to save a goal and I’m perfectly OK with that. The problem is those aren’t the ones the Jets are getting. They are getting stupid calls like roughing, goaltender interference or hooking while in the offensive zone. All of these are avoidable and Claude Noel needs to figure out a way to get it through his players heads that this behavior is unacceptable.


This is another one for the fans. I’m not going to tell you not to boo like the scores of journalists out there who think they know better. You paid for your ticket and thats your right. I actually encourage you to boo and make things as difficult as possible on the other team especially Shane Doan. Just remember to be classy about it. Watch your language, there are scores of kids in the stands who don’t need to learn new words. Don’t throw things on the ice and just try not to be jerks. Yes boo, make yourself heard, be loud, be proud but just don’t be an idiot.

Go Jets Go!

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