Devils Vs. Jets Dec 3rd Game Preview

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New Jersey Devils 12-11-1 25pts

Winnipeg Jets 10-11-4 24pts

6pm MTS Centre

The Jets get right back to action as they face the Devils Saturday night.  If you are going to the game make sure that you don’t boo any of the players on the other team or you will make the media cry. Just clap politely and every now and then let out a hardy huzzah! Anyway against the Yotes the Jets played probably their most complete game of the season. The offense was clicking and the D played very solid. Add in a few outstanding saves and you have a sure fire recipe for a win. Now lets see them do it again.



That was an emotional win by the Jets and they need to make sure that they don’t come into this game flat. It would be easy to phone it in so thats why I presume Claude Noel worked them hard at practice today. Its a classic story line in sports, big win only to have an off day the next game. You have to remember these guys are humans, not robots and therefore have the tendency to focus too much on  past accomplishments. It will be up to the coaching staff to make sure the Jets are prepared mentally for this game.


One of the story lines that went overlooked against the Yotes was that the Jets managed to stay out of the box for the most part. Its a rare game when the Jets have less PMI’s then the other team. yet the Jets were able to stay out of the sin bin and secure the win. One of the most telling moments is when Martin Hanzal gave Big Buff a cheap shot. The big man wanted blood yet his teammates where able to calm Buff down and the Jets D man was able to avoid the box. In a one goal game a penalty at that juncture could have been costly. This could have been the moment that the Jets lost the game but they were able to keep themselves together and ultimately hold onto the win. This type of smart heads up hockey needs to continue against the Devils. You get a cheap shot take a number and pick your spot for revenge. Do it when its not going to hurt your team.


Blake Wheeler has been a disappointment this season. He was expected to be one of the offensive leaders for the Jets but has yet to live up to expectations. Against the Coyotes I saw something. There was a spark that had been lacking in previous games. Wheeler played with a confidence that I hadn’t yet seen this season. I think Claude Noel saw it too as Wheeler saw a lot more ice time then he’s been seeing of late. All game he seemed to be around the puck and came within a whisker of getting a couple goals. This guy can be that piece of the puzzle that the Jets have been looking for. I think once he gets going he’ll be hard to stop just like Evander Kane. At the beginning of the season Kane was in a slump but he was finally able to shake it and has since become nearly unstoppable. I believe that Wheeler is one good game away from a simliar transformation. Coach Noel just needs to stick with him and the investment will pay off.

Huzzah Jets Huzzah!

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