Don’t Feed The Trolls

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I read a lot. During hockey season I read a ton about the NHL specifically the Jets. I read all the papers, most of the online sources and even venture onto the message boards from time to time. It gives you a pretty good sense of the pulse of the fans.

The internet is an interesting place. Its anonymity leads to what I call Internet Hero Syndrom or IHS. Those suffering for OHS usually talk real tough online yet would never have the guts to say those things to another person. They can be racist, homophobic and down right cruel. The internet has given them a shield to hid behind.

When things go well the boards are pretty quiet. There are a few posts about how good we are but for the most part when things are going well the mob is silent.

When things go south its a different story. There a three main groups that like to rag on the Jets and their fans. You have you Former Thrasher Fans who revel in any problems the team has. You have the glass half full people who will always see the negative side of things (a lot of these are media types) and then you have the worst, the self loathing Winnipegers.

This past week the Jets have played themselves out of a playoff spot and 2 of the 3 groups have been down right giddy about it. Former Thrasher fans unleashed their tired arsenal of insults like Loserpeg, Winterpeg and even the racially charged Snow Mexico (stay classy Atlanta). The same players they cheered for less than a year ago now find themselves being attacked by the fans that claimed to love them so much. Shocking that they lost their team.

Surprisingly the media hasn’t piled on, yet. They will be I have to give them a little credit for showing some restraint at this time. Jets fans are upset and the last thing they need is for the media to be pouring salt in the wound.

Now the third group well they have no problem pouring salt in the wounds. These are supposed Winnipeg fans. These are the same people that said we would never get the NHL back. When we did get the NHL back they said that it wouldn’t work. Now when it does work they have to resort to attacking the team.

I used to participate on Darren Ford’s Return of the Jets board. I was one of the more optimistic people on there because I was privy to some inside information. There was a small yet vocal group on that board that refused to believe anything that was said. They were convinced that the NHL would never come back and if it did it would never work. They made it their mission to infect others with this negative thinking.

Now this same group invades other boards, comment sections and blogs and tries to sow the same seeds of discontent they did on ROTJ. Why would they do this? They think its fun.

Some people for some reason get some measure of pleasure from acting like jack asses and stirring up the pot. If they can make someone upset then they are happy. Its called internet trolling and in the sports world the Trolls are everywhere.

The worst thing you can do is “feed the trolls”. Don’t let their vileness upset you. If you feel the need fire back but don’t show weakness. Some people will say that you should just ignore them and while sometimes that is the best course there are other time when that’s not practical.

The truth is none of this crap matters. We have the NHL back. There are always going to be people jealous of that. The 10 fans they had in Atlanta will bitch and moan as much as they can until at least NASCAR starts up again. The Media will be negative because it helps to get eyeballs on their product. The self loathing Winnipegers will always be self loathing because they have no real joy in their lives. They have such pitiful existence’s that they feel the need to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

This season proved that the NHL belonged in Winnipeg. The fact the team isn’t going to make the playoffs says nothing about the city or its fans. Its a product of the crap job they did in Atlanta for years. Management screwed up by not developing players properly. The fans screwed up by not supporting the players and holding them accountable. Its going to take True North sometime to undo the damage that was done it Atlanta.

Hold your heads high. Its been a great season for the Jets and their fans. Yes we didn’t make the playoffs but why should that matter. One of the arguments against the Southern Teams is that their fans would only support a winner. We have to support this team and hold them accountable win or lose.

We have the best fans and nothing a loser can say on the internet can change that. This team will succeed and when it does then will be your chance to say “I told you so”.


Go Jets Go!

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