Ducks Vs. Jets Dec 17th Game Preview – Selanne Edition

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Anaheim Ducks 9-17-5 23pts

Winnipeg Jets 14-13-4 32pts

6:00pm MTS Centre

Lets not try and fool ourselves that this is just another game. Next to the opener and maybe the Coyote’s game this was probably the most anticipated game on the Jets Schedule this season.

Teemu Selanne, one of the best goal scorers to ever play returns to Winnipeg where he started his career. I was a giant Selanne fan. We had shared season tickets his rookie season and I was lucky enough to be there when he broke the record. To this day I still wear #13 and even have it worked into a tattoo of mine. In my opinion, I rate him ahead of Ducky and Hull in the greatest Jets ever list. The guy was a special player and it will be awesome to see how the MTSC erupts when the Finnish Flash steps on the ice.

This preview is all about Teemu since that’s going to be the underlying narrative all night.



I can only imagine the display of emotion that the fans will exhibit tonight. I wish I could be there but, alas I will be in Dallas with family. I have already informed my wife that I will be sneaking away around game time to watch the Jets at a bar. Or, if worse comes to worse, I’ll stream it on my computer in the hotel room.

For me this brings the Jets full circle. This ends the sadness of the loss of the team and opens the door on a new era. I really think that this will mark a new beginning for this franchise and they can start creating their own identity. As of now they are always compared to the old jets or referred to as the former Thrashers.

Well, I think that all changes tonight. Selanne comes in everyone cheers and then the chapter on the old Jets is closed and, once this team has some sustained success, the Thrasher moniker will fade as well. Today is the first step.


The Jets fans are not going to boo Selanne. And even if they did, then its their right as ticket holders and consumers. They booed Doan due to some of his comments he made when it looked like the Yotes were headed for Winnipeg. A lot of people took that as a slight and voiced their displeasure. There was still a lot of bitterness and unfortunately Doan had to face the brunt of it. There is no bitterness when it comes to the Finnish Flash. A lot people still consider him a Jet and have no ill will towards him. Teemu will be treated as a returning hero. But just but if the fans wanted to boo him for some reason then they have every right to.

I am getting sick of how the media tries to act as the moral compass for the fans of Winnipeg. Let the fans be fans. Loving a team is all about raw emotion. Sometimes that emotion manifests as a cheer and sometimes a boo. But, it must always come organically. It can’t be dictated by someone who doesn’t pay for their ticket and sits above the fans in the press box.


This isn’t a normal game so this isn’t a normal preview. I thought I would share a few of my favorite Teemu moments with you as we get prepared to welcome a son back home.

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I loved this moment when Selanne proved that he was as tough as he was talented.

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Of course this had to be in there. I thought the old barn was going to fall down when he got that goal. One of the greatest moments of my life.

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Teemu’s first playoff hat trick. There are some great goals in here.

Welcome back Teemu! Winnipeg has missed you.

Go Jets Go!

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