Flyers Vs. Jets Nov 19th Game Preview

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Philadelphia Flyers 11-4-3 25pts

Winnipeg Jets 7-9-3 17pts

2pm MTS Centre

I’m taking the over for this game. The last time these two teams meet they combined for an unbelievable 17 goals in a highly entertaining slugfest. I’m going out on a limb and am going to predict that we don’t see anything close to that amount. Winnipeg comes off of their two best games this season and Philly  is finally starting to hit its stride. MTSC should be electric as Bryzgolov makes his debut in Winnipeg after making some disparaging comments about the River City a few months back. The Jets are playing their best Hockey of the year and look to make the statement that they are a team not to take lightly.



While last game’s goal-a-pa-looza was fun to watch its not the type of game the Jets want to play. The past two games the Jets have played stifling D and that trend needs to continue. The Flyers play a counter punch style where they want you to make the first move and then they will capitalize on your mistakes. The Jets need to be patient and just play the way they have been the past week. Get pucks in deep and work it down low. Chances will come but we can’t try and match the Flyers punch for punch. Expect both defenses to play a lot tighter and this should be a low scoring affair.


Evander Kane is on fire. The young power forward has been the Jets best offensive threat over the past 10 games. Once the switch flipped Kane took his game to a new level. Yet with his rise will come more attention. Other teams will now account for him and try and shut him down. This presents an opportunity for Kane. If he can recognize when he is being double teamed he can create space for his line mates. If he notices extra pressure he should try and draw the Flyers in, hold onto the puck as long as he can and then dish it off to the open man. Once the Flyers see that they will have to adjust and then thats when Kane can get it going. He’ll need to be patinet but if he can then he’ll get his chances today.


MTS Centre has already gained a reputation as a tough place to play. Teams have said its one of the loudest arenas in the NHL and the crowd has been known to get on opposing players cases. Today will be something special as Ilya Bryzgalov makes an appearance in Winnipeg this afternoon. Last spring Bryzgolov took a few shots at Winnipeg saying that no one would want to play here and that there was nothing to do. He mentioned that there were no parks, no one spoke Russian and that it was so cold the citizens had to walk in tunnels to get around. Well I think the entertainment starved subterranean Mole People of Winnipeg will have quite the reception for Philly’s lover of Parks. Goalies are a special breed, if you can get into their heads you can take them out of the game. Bryz is a little different to begin with. He has a massive ego and will probably be sensitive to what the crowd is saying. I expect the crowd at MTSC to be relentless with their barrage on Bryz. If the Jets can get a quick one the crowd will go nuts and the flood gates could rush open.


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