Habs Vs. Jets Dec 22nd Game Preview

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Montreal  13-15-7 33pts

Winnipeg 15-13-5 33pts

7:30pm MTS Centre

The cirque comes to town as the Habs pay a visit to the MTSC for the second time this season. Not sure if you remember it but Montreal was Winnipeg’s first opponent this season to welcome them back to the NHL. A lot has changed since that October afternoon. Montreal has fired their coach and are embroiled in the stupidest controversy in the history of hockey. Who cares if your coach can’t speak french? The last coach you had that had any success couldn’t read or write in any language and he did just fine. Winnipeg on the other hand is playing much better yet still is a little inconsistant. The Jets hope to bounce back after falling to the Islander in a shootout in a game they should have dominated.



Pav is pissed. He called out his teammates for not doing enough offensively and I have to agree with the young goalie. Against the Isles the Jets looked bored and disorganized in the other team’s end. Pav is great but I think he is getting to the point where he is tired of having to do it all himself. He’s doing everything he can to keep the Jets in games yet others aren’t doing their share. Its time for the offense to pick up the slack and the D to do a better job of clearing the puck. Unless Pav can start shooting he’s done all he can to help this team win. Now its the other guys turn to pick up the slack.


The Jets don’t play well against teams who are lower than them in the standings. That has to stop if they want any hop of making the playoffs. The Flyers, Bruins, and Wild all come in and fall to the Jets yet when they play a team like the Isles they struggle. This has to fall on the the leadership of the team. They needs to get their teammates up for any opponent. Montreal is a time in disarray and they are coming off of a game last night so they should be ripe for the pickings. Yes the Pens are in tomorrow but lets worry about they guys coming in tonight first. Play these guys as if you were playing against the Pens or the Canucks. Just because you are a few points ahead of them in the standings doesn’t mean you are that much better than them.


Claude Noel lamented in the papers today about his team not clicking. TO find the cause of that Noel needs to just look into a mirror. When you are always tinkering with the lines its hard to establish any chemistry or even flow to the game. Yes there has been a lot of injuries and you also have to make in game adjustments but Noel likes to play mad scientist a little to much. Find a combo that works and then stick with it. When guys have to play with different players each period there is no way they can ever establish any rapport. Sometimes fighting the urge to do something is more important that doing anything.

Go Jets Go.

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