Hurricanes Vs. Jets Dec 9th Game Preview

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Carolina Hurricanes 9-17-4 22pts

Winnipeg Jets 12-11-4 28pts

7:30 MTS Centre

Didn’t we just play these guys? I don’t know about you but it seems like we play them every 3 games. This will be a tale of two teams on different trajectories. You have the Hurricanes who are struggling and you have the Jets who look to have finally turned a corner. Chris Mason gets the start as Ondrej Pavelec gets a well deserved day off. The Jets need to not look past this game and play with the same intensity that they showed against the Bruins. The Canes may not be the defending Stanely Cup Champs but they still can do some damage if given the chance.



Pavelec is the main reason why the Jets are son this winning streak. He has been absolutely amazing in recent games and not having him in net would normally be a major disadvantage for the Jets. Thankfully the Jets have a back up in Chris mason who could probably be a starter on at least half of the teams in the NHL. Mason also has owned the Canes in his carrer so this was a smart move by Noel to get the backup some playing time and not burn out his superstar. While Mason is a great goalie he is no Pavelec so the Jets need to give him a little more support. They need to completely eliminate the bad turnovers and focus on D first. Buff I’m talking to you.


Against the Bruins it was tough to get any decent ice time for the 4th liners. Noel needed to shorten the bench and that was the right call. Against the Cans the Jets should be able to get some valuable playing time for these guys. The more they play the better they will get and the better they get the more they can play. The NHL season is a long hard grind. By having a dependable 4th line that you can play at anytime could be the difference in making the playoffs or not. No one lost the Stanley cup because they had too much depth. The best teams are able to roll 4 lines all the time and only shorten the bench when they have to. By getting more time to the 4th line you also give a rest to your top lines. This will pay dividends come later in the season. One of the reasons the Thrashers faltered last year was that the coach wasn’t able to get the 4th line out there enough. he ran 3 lines and by the All Star break his team as tuckered out.


The Jets D do a real annoying and possibly dangerous play multiple times each game. They do a cute little behind the back no look pass down low in their own zone. Its designed to revers the flow and create time for the breakout to develop. When it works its pretty neat but there is no style points in Hockey. neat doesn’t matter all that matters is getting the puck out of the zone and kept out of your net. The problem with this play is that it is very high risk low reward. if it works great you have a breakout but thats it. If it fails you risk turning the puck over down low and having guys in position to defend the play. Lets just keep things simple. There is no need to be cute especially when you are a team with a turnover problem.

Go Jets Go!

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