Islanders Vs. Jets Feb 14th Game Preview

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New York Islanders 23-24-8, 54 pts

Winnipeg Jets 26-25-6, 58 pts

7:30pm MTS Centre

If the Jets are to make the playoffs then need to start stringing together a few wins and it HAS to start tonight. The Islanders are a lesser team and the Jets face them at home which should give the boys from river city a distinct advantage. The Jets ave to find a way to shake off tat horrible loss on Saturday. yes they managed to score but it was at the expense of defense. The Jets have to find a way to have a happy  balance. Scoring 5 goals is great but not when the other team is scoring 8. The only reason the Jets have a shot at the playoffs is because of their D first style. Getting away from what got them her could and will be disastrous.



The Jets were able to find the net last game yet they gave up a ton of goals. Noel complained that his team let Pav down but some of that blame needed to be reserved for the coach as well. There is no excuse for leaving your goalie in for 8 goals even if you don’t think its his fault. All that does is shakes his confidence and thats one thing you never want to have happen to your goaltender. The only golden nugget you can take from that game is that the Jets managed to score a bunch of goals. Hopefully they can keep it up while giving Pav some extra support back there.


This home stretch will define the Jets season. They cannot afford to lose a single game if they want to catch the Leafs who despite the Jets best efforts at throwing the season away, sit only 4 points ahead of Winnipeg. So this is it. This is the season. This is the story book ending all wrapped up here. The Jets need to keep pace with the leafs and the teams infront of them. Florida is starting to run away with the Southeast so now the Jets must try and slip into 8th place. There still is time but this home stand will be crucial to the cause.


Buff is a once in a lifetime athlete. I had the pleasure of watching Vince Young in college and I see a lot of him in Big Buff. Both have amazing athletic ability yet really don’t know exactly what to do with it. Youngs’s instinct was to run first which sometimes hurt his team. Buff wants to rush the puck and play in the offensive zone. I’m OK with that if it doesn’t hurt the team but Buff who is coming back off an injury is having trouble getting back. Teams are keying on this and exploiting the big guys penchant for jumping into the play. Buff can be a dominate forward or a dominate defenseman. He can’t be both. He and the coaching staff need to set parameters for when and how Buff jumps into the play.

Go Jets Go!

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