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Winnipeg Jets Primary WordmarkThis season is almost over so there’s no use trying to change things at this late of a juncture but could we please make one very simple change for the Winnipeg Jets next season?

Can we stop with the stupid aeronautical based puns?

Pretty please?

If the Jets do well the are “Flying High” if the Jets lose they are “grounded”. Every now and then you will get a “flies to victory” or “crashes and burns”. I’ve seen a ton of “Jet-streams”, “getting ready to take off”, a few “lift offs” and even a couple “waiting for clearance”. The list is endless and so freaking annoying.

While they were cute  the first 150 times now they have grown old and are just sad. Using a pun is lazy. Its taking the literary way out. Its like saying f&%$ it, I’ve given up. Here’s some crap to read now take it!

Each day you will find at least one bad Jets pun in the local papers and at least one in a paper of whomever they are playing that game. Its worse if its the first time they Jets have played them this season. The writers think they are being original and witty but in the end its old and been done.

A lot.

Like really a lot.

Listen using a pun has its place but when used too much then it just gets pathetic. What is really sad is when a writer has exhausted his entire stable of material and has to stretch just to make it work. I’m waiting for the inevitable “The Jets get stalled on the runway” or the very unfortunate and inappropriate “The Jets were Hijacked”.

Following the Jets this season and doing the daily links I’ve had to read almost every article that relates to the team. I have read obese writers calling out players for their conditioning issues. I’ve read when they were race baiting and printing rumors without any truth to them. I even had to read them admonish the fans for booing even though thats their right as ticket holders.

I’ve put up with a lot of crap this season but I just can’t deal with the awful puns anymore.

I get that writing something new everyday is hard. I know I struggle with trying to keep it fresh and new sometimes. Yet these writers are suppose to be professionals. They get paid very well to do this. If I see a bad pun in a blog I chalk it up to them being amateurs but I’m seeing the same cliches in supposedly well respected publications.

So come on guys. Stop taking the easy way out and put away the same old phrases you use as stand bys. Some of you guys are really good at what you do. You don’t need to rely on the same tired shtick over and over again.

Next season just try to come up with something else. Just because you write sports doesn’t doesn’t mean you have to be unoriginal. I’m sure if you put your minds to it we could have a pun free season.

Now excuse me while I Jet off somewhere.

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