Its Time for the Winnipeg Jets to Make a Move

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So the Jets won last night and I was impressed with the play of the team as a whole. The players responded to their coach and played better but the question is can they keep this up? Was this just a fluke or are they about to turn the page?

The problems with the Jets can be traced back to Atlanta. That team was allowed to lose. The ownership wanted to move the team, they had no fans, management was inept which bred a culture of losing. When you lose for so long it becomes routine and entrenched into the fabric of the team.

When True North bought the team they made a lot of moves that the media in their infinite wisdom all criticized. Mark Chipman, dumped the GM, the Coach and a majority of the front office staff. Yeah he wanted to use a lot of the Moose people who had been loyal to him but he also wanted to break from Atlanta and their culture of losing.

Chipman made radical moves that will pay off in the future. I am going to suggest another radical move.

Trade Dustin Byfuglien.

Yes he had a good game last night. Yes he is starting to produce offensively. Yes he is a popular figure that True North can use to market this team. All of this is true. Yet he also epitomizes what is wrong with this team.

Big Buff is lazy and make bad choices both on and off the ice. He let his weight get away from him and showed up at camp heavier than he has ever been. He got arrested for drunk boating when he refused a blood test after already passing the breathalyzer. His choices on the ice haven’t been much better. The coaches have given him the freedom to rush the puck whenever he sees fit. The problem is Buff isn’t choosing the right times to pinch. He’s getting caught which is leading to odd man rushes and ultimately goals against.He is also turning over the puck at inopportune time which is hurting his team.

Byfuglien is suppose to be a top tier D man yet has not lived up to that billing so far this season. He has hurt the jets more than he has helped and that’s why he needs to go.

This is a young team, the 2nd youngest in the league. While Andrew Ladd is a good captain, he is not the leader the Jets need right now. They need to bring in someone who can win over the hearts and minds of the players and more importantly crush that losing culture before it has a chance to get a foot hold in the Peg. They need a veteran who has been on both sides and knows how to pull a team off of the edge.

Yeah I know its not a popular opinion, that a lot of people like Buff and all of his upside. Yet its that upside we can use right now. A player of Big Buff’s caliber can bring in 2 top six forwards and maybe even a draft pick. There are a lot of teams that would love to have the big man roaming their blue line.

Buff has talent, there is no denying that but he is hurting the Jets right now. True North had hoped that bringing in Assistant Coach Charlie Huddy would help get Buff and others on track defensively. While it has seemed to work with Bogosian, Big Buff  is still a liability in his own zone.

This wouldn’t be a move that would make some of the fans happy but its the right move and sometimes doing what’s right isn’t easy.

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