Jest Vs. Islanders April 5th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 37-34-9, 83 pts

New York Islanders 33-36-11, 77 pts

6:00pm Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

The season is coming to a close and the Jets have decided to go out with a bang not a wimper. This team is showing a lot of heart and that bodes well for the future of this franchise. They are not happy with not making the playoffs and I think this is going to leave a bad taste in their mouth. Hopefully they will remember how it felt to not make the playoffs and vow to never feel that again. They get to send another message against the Islanders Thursday night. The Jets played with a lot of heart against the Panthers on Tuesday and will try to carry that over when they travel to Long Island for their last road game of the year.



The Jets said that they weren’t playing to be spoilers but to thank the fans for the support they have given them all season. The Jets would be nowhere without the wonderful Jets fans. At every NHL arena a small group of Jets fans shows up and prove that they are the best fans in the NHL. This gives the players something to play for. They want to do well and reward the fan base with wins. A victory against the Islanders is not going to put them in the playoffs but a win on the road will be something that they can build on and will start to pay the fans back.


The Jets have been able to battle back these past few games after getting behind early. It says a lot of their heart and character but it is also something that isn’t going to win them many fans with the coaching staff. Coaches don’t like playing from behind since it usually means they have to abandon their throughly crafted game plans. Lightning doesn’t strike in the same place over and over. If you play with fire you are bound to get burned. The Jets need to figure out how to not get behind early. Yes its nice they have been able to come back but after a while everyones luck runs out.


When I played minor hockey my Dad told me that in everygame I should pick one thing to work on. Be it skating, passing, shooting over even situational awareness. To this day in my beer league I still try to do that. I may be old, broken and utterly devoid of skill yet I still work to better myself as a player. Thats what the Jets need to do as a team. From this point on they need to change the culture and look to always improve. The status quo is over. Being average is over. There is a new attitude and it begins now.

Go Jets Go!

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