Jets – Flyers Postmortem

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I started a really cool post yesterday about the failings of the sports media. I was ready to post it today to critical acclaim and the adulations of thousands of readers. Then last night happened. The Jets played one of the craziest hockey games I have seen in years and I feel compelled to share my thoughts on the game with you. So my take down of the media will have to wait as we take a look at the Jets big 9-8 win over the Flyers.


There was a lot of good in this game. The power play is finally producing, the Jets got scoring from their 3 main lines but probably the biggest bright spot was how they handled adversity. Two times the Jets were up by four only to see the lead disappear and ultimately fall behind. Once the Flyers made it 7-6 I thought the game was over. I  fully expected these guys to give up and begin a tail spin that would lead them to a lottery pick. Yet something strange happened last night. The Jets did not give up. They came back and tied up the game and then took the lead. Then the Flyers tied it up again and once again I thought that this game was over. I was sure that it was going to go to overtime and the Jets would probably only walk away with one point. Yet again the Jets surprised everyone as they scored the winner with just over a minute left in the game. If the Jets manage to turn this season around this will be the game pundits look back at as the moment this team turned the corner.


While there was a lot of good in this game there was probably more bad. The D was non existant and the goaltending was atrocious. Some nights everything seems to go in. Luckily for the Jets the Flyers were having one of those nights too.  Let face it there is no way you should ever have to score 9 goals just to squeak out a win. The Jets walked away with 2 pts and we should be happy for that yet the team should not be let off the hook for that performance. There were still too many giveaways and the penalty kill is stunningly bad which is scary when you take as many bad penalties as the Jets do. The goaltenders gave up too many rebounds and the Jets still scramble too much in their own zone. I have a feeling Charlie Huddy did a fair bit of yelling after the game last night and that the Jets will do a fair bit of skating at practice today.


When you give up 8 goals its pretty hard to point fingers at one player. Everyone seemed to have a hand in the debacle in Philly. I think there is more than enough blame to go around yet if I had to pick on one player it would be Johnny Oduya. What’s happened to this guy? There were rumors that he didn’t want to play in Winnipeg, maybe they were true after all? He seems to be phoning it in and has been by far the worst player on the Jets this season. Too many turnovers and it just seems like his head is not in the game. If I were a betting man I would say that ol’ Johnny’s time in Winnipeg is numbered. I was willing to forgive his horrible performance against Montreal but as the season has progressed it seems as if his play has actually regressed. My suggestion for the Jets brass is see if we can move Oduya for a forward and call up Paul Postma who impressed during training camp.


– Antropov continues to impress. His assist on Kane’s goal was a thing of beauty.

– Bogosian is starting to play up to his potential. He has improved so much this season.

– GST line has been the most well rounded unit for the Jets.

– Mason left the game due to a groin injury. No word on its severity but Claude Noel doesn’t expect the need to call up a tender.

– Burmistrov is the real deal.

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