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The Jets have to wait until tomorrow before they can play again. I am glad that the management isn’t pleased with how the season ended. I think this team is close and just needs a few more pieces to put them over the top. There was a lot of damage done to this team in Atlanta. The front office didn’t know how to build from within and the fans didn’t hold the players accounatble. The cuture is changing but it will take some time. Here are daily links.

The Jets have a plan. I like the idea of building within but at some point Tomorrow has to become today. I just hope we don’t end up in a perpetual building phase like teams like Toronto or Edmonton where they are willing to concede seasons. [Winnipeg Free Press]

That didn’t take long. The local media are starting to get their knives out. I think every computer at the Sun has “Lack of talent” macro’d onto the keyboard. I would be shocked if that is there new trademark. The Winnipeg sun: Lack of Talent. [Winnipeg Sun]

They may be out of the playoffs but the fans realize that only one thing truly matters. The NHL is back. [CBC]

I was pretty impressed with Hainsey’s fight the other night. [Winnipeg Sun]













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  1. Mark Snowdon says:

    I for one have nothing but praise for the Winnipeg Jets. True North has taken a lackluster team from Atlanta and molded them into an exciting team that has a lot of heart. Although there were Jekyl and Hyde moments, I think things went well, and while there are some changes that will likely happen, this group of players did well and deserve to have their names in the record books as the first group of new Jets. They will be fondly remembered in coming years, as a group who never really gave up, even if they did fall short. Play these last games for pride boys, I know we will be watching them with a glow in our hearts, and a yearning for next October to come soon. Thank you for the memories.

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