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T’was the night before Christmas and all through Jets land…Screw it I don’t like rhyming and night before Christmas parodies are cliche. The Jets had a giant collapse. I have to be honest I turned the game off once it got 4-1. I had got a new tattoo yesterday and was pretty beat. I watched the rest this morning and realized I didn’t miss a thing. Loud crowd doesn’t help Jets. New jets not like the old Jets. Most players are sticking around for Christmas and Noel doesn’t like HBO’s 24/7. I wonder what his views on Game of Thrones are? Have a safe and Merry Christmas and I will see you all back here on Monday! Go Jets Go!

The loud crowd didn’t help the Jets who imploded in the 3rd period. [Post-Gazette]

It was a collapse of epic proportions as the jets give up 3 in a metter of minutes to have one slip away from them. [National Post]

I think everyone can be pleasantly surprised that the Jet are in the hunt for the playoffs. Now lets get er’ done! [Winnipeg Sun]

The new Jets are nothing like the old Jets. Well duh! [Winnipeg Free Press]

Most players are sticking around since they have to be back at work Monday. Don’t eat too much boys! [Winnipeg Sun]

Chipman thanks the amazing fans. [CANOE]

Year in review. I wonder what the big story for May was? []

For top prospect everyday is Christmas. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets get 48 hours off. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Are the Jets pretenders or contenders? [Winnipeg Free Press]

Coach Noel not a fan of HBO’s 24/7. Too bad because its an awesome show. [Winnipeg Free Press]










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