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Its all Teemu all the time as the Finnish Flash makes his return to the River City. This will be an emotional game for the fans and the team needs to feed off of that to bounce back after Thursday’s 1-0 loss to the caps.

Miettinen is getting ready. Enstrom may be available. Noel was pissed but now is better and a whole lot of stories about Teemu. That’s it for today’s links. Go Jets Go!

Miettinen will be a welcomed addition to the Jets. [Winnipeg Sun]

Good news everyone. Looks like Enstrom might be available for today’s game. [Winnipeg Sun]

After their lackluster performance on Thursday Coach Noel was pissed. I think he worked it out of his system at practice yesterday and is no ready to move on. [Globe & Mail]

This preoccupation by the media about whether or not the fans boo is getting ridiculous. First they won’t boo Teemu. They booed Doan due to his less than¬†enthusiastic¬†statements about the yotes moving to Winnipeg. Doan became the face of the Yotes and a lot of people placed their anger onto him. But lets just say they wanted to boo Teemu. Then so what? They paid for their tickets, they can boo whom ever they want. [Winnipeg Sun]

To many this will be the highlight of the year for Jets fans. Teemu returns. [Globe & Mail]

Winnipeg is still special to Teemu. [LA Times]

This is a fitting end to the future Hall of Famer’s career. He gets to visit where it all started. [Winnipeg Sun]

Many Jets will be a little starstruck as the Finnish Flash returns. [Winnipeg Sun]

A sort of funny look at Teemu’s carrer. [National Post]

Could the Jets get Teemu for the playoffs? I say unlikely. [Winnipeg Sun]


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