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Hate Fest 2.0 begins tonight when the old Jets play the new Jets for the first time in Winnipeg. Other that the Selanne game this probably is the most anticipated matchup on the schedule. Last year when all the Coyotes to Winnipeg talk started to heat up a a lot of the players didn’t seem too thrilled about the prospect of coming to Winnipeg. Well tonight the great fans of Winnipeg get to show them what they are missing. Local journalists tell you not to boo Shane Doan. Too many penalties and True North’s investment already is worth 21% more. These and other stories in a “lets boo Doan” edition of the links.

To all the haters who said that Winnipeg wouldn’t work guess what team just jumped in value by 21%? [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets have been good for the economy. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Can’t wait to hear the boos tonight as the Desert Dogs come to Winnipeg. [Winnipeg Free Press]

It may not be rational but Jets fans have every right to boo. A lot of players on this team made it perfectly clear that they didn’t want to come to Winnipeg and now its the fans turn to respond. Its going to be great! [Globe & Mail]

Oh no poor Shane Doan might get booed. WHAAAAAAA! [AZ Sports]

Shane Doan is  a NHL veteran who makes millions and millions of dollars a year. I really don’t think we need to worry about his feelings. Nor should the fans be chastised by a bunch of reporters because they boo him.  [Winnipeg Sun]

Doan returns to where it all started for him. [AZ Central]

I really think Noel should have laid into them hard for blowing the game against te Sens but I’m not the coach. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The penalties have to stop. Listen its the same in rec hockey as it is in the NHL. My Team the Molson Twins hasn’t lost a game when we’ve taken less penalties than the other team. Its pretty simple stay out of the box and win. [Winnipeg Sun]

The Jets call up Klingberg. [Global Winnipeg]

Kane sizes up the Yotes. [CJOB]


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  1. Catherine stahl says:

    I hope they boo them out of Winnipeg, they had a chance to have great fan support, they didn,t want it so, so fans boo them, can,t wait for that game! GO JETS GO!

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