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Another day another game. This time the Islanders come to town. Man its good to be a Jets fan. I was in Dallas wearing a Jets shirt and people were stopping me and saying how good it was to have them back in the league. Jets settle in. Little out so Antti is in. Guy starts website for suckers and Jets gear is flying off the shelf. These and other stories in today’s links.

The Jets have settled in and Coach Noel is making references to TV shows that haven’t been on the air in over a decade. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Guy who tried to take a shortcut and got screwed starts a website. I feel bad for the guy but in all honesty he should have known better. Yeah it’s hard to get tickets but when you look for the easy way out you are only looking for trouble. [Winnipeg Free Press]

If the Jets were going to make the playoff this homestand was going to be key. So far so good. [CBC]

The Jets are just starting to establish their identity.[Winnipeg Sun]

The best part of this is Thorburn gets relegated to the 4th line. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Jaffray returns to the rock. [Telegram]

Since they have now had some guys return from injury the Jets are having to compete for playing time. That’s a good thing. Depth is what separates the playoff teams from the teams who get to work on their golf game a couple months earlier. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Probably the best pads I have ever seen. [SB Nation]

Little is probably out for tonight’s game. [Winnipeg Sun]

Here’s a news flash. JETS GEAR IS A TOP SELLER IN THE PEG! [Winnipeg Sun]

Let see what Annti can do! [Winnipeg Sun]


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