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The Montreal sideshow comes into town. This team needs to worry about the play on the ice not if the coach understands french grammer. Anyways the Jets look to bounce back after a disappointing game against the Islanders. It will be interesting to to see if Claude Noel was able to get through to them. Pav is pissed. Noel isn’t happy with the team chemistry and the Queen is for sale. These and other stories in today’s links.

Pavelec is pissed and rightfully so. The Jets played pretty bad in the offesnive zone last game and the young goalie knows this team can do better. [Winnipeg Sun]

Noel isn’t happy with the lack of chemistry on the team. Well maybe if you didn’t mix up the lines every 5 minutes then guys might play a little better together. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Fehr needs to be patient. He’s coming back from a major shoulder injury. The points will come. [Winnipeg Sun]

Jets need to get a little production from the 3rd & 4th lines. [Winnipeg Sun]

I don’t care what some hack who never has played high level hockey says. I like the shootout and so do the fans and thats all that matters. [Winnipeg Free Press]

As Montreal comes into town the Jets look to avoid the gong show that has become the Habs of late. Seriously for such a prestigious franchise they sure act like idiots sometimes. [Winnipeg Free Press]

If Don Cherry doesn’t make an attempt to buy the Queen then he is dead to me. DEAD TO ME! [Toronto Star]




































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