Jets Links December 29th 2011

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Here we go again! The Jets are in the hunt and the Kings are coming to town. LA hasn’t been playing up to potential and are a lot lower in the standings then they hoped they would be. The Jets have to make sure they don’t fall into the same strap that usually foils them. Now that they are in 8th the trick will be now to stay there. Not the Thrashers. Cormier may get his chance and the man behind the music. These and other stories in today’s links.

Can’t we just celebrate that the Jets are in the playoff hunt and not just make an excuse for it. I thought the old ways of Winnipeg were suppose to die. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Why this playoff run will be different that last years. This isn’t your parents Thrashers. [Winnipeg Free Press]

I wonder what the sports story of the year is going to be? [Winnipeg Sun]

Cormier may get his shot with the Jets. [Winnipeg Free Press]

With all the injuries Stapleton is getting a chance to see significant playing time. [Winnipeg Sun]

I remember games back in the old barn. You’d have a Van Halen song and some dude on a out of toon organ and that was it. Wow has times changed. [CBC]


















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