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A team with a little confidence can be a dangerous thing especially when they are young like the Jets. They get hot and then think anything is possible. Throw in a hot goalie and you have a team that nobody wants to play. Thats where the Jets are now. They are young, hungry and have finally figured out what it takes to win. Kane is on the verge of being a superstar. Stuart scores a garbage goal. Mark Chipman deals with the board of Governors and Little gets it going. These and other stories in today’s links.

Evander Kane is about to move to the next level. I think by the end of this season everyone will know who this kid is. [Globe & Mail]

A little bit of confidence goes a long ways. [Winnipeg Free Press]

When I played minor hockey I always scored what my Dad called “garbage goals”. You know scrambly, ugly goals. The funny thing is that they still count. There isn’t an notation for goals that aren’t pretty. Mark Stuart scored a garbage goal the other night. It won’t go down as an ugly goal just the game winner. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets hope to stay in the same time zone. [Winnipeg Sun]

With True North gaining a seat on the Board oF Governors the balance of power may have shifted. Canadian teams now have another vote while taking one away fro the sunbelt. [Winnipeg Free Press]

With 13 pts in his last 12 games Bryan Little has finally got the touch back. [Winnipeg Sun]












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