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Tons of realignment talk as the NHL finally settle on a plan. I’ll have more on this in the coming days but at a quick glance I like it. Sure we don’t get another Canadian team in our division but we get the Wild, Blackhawks and Red Wings. I can live with that. Sportsnet thinks Winnipeg is a realignment loser. The FreeP and the Sun think we are winners. Chipman is happy and the Jets get a chance to measure up against the Bruins. Theses and more stories in a realigned version of the links.

Winnipeg is considered a realignment loser? Seriously? Yeah only playing the other Canadian teams once a year at home is unfortunate but we get a great rival in Minnestota and travel costs are going to be slashed. Winnipeg made out OK. []

Lawless thinks its a win for Winnipeg and usually he’s pretty doom and gloom. [Winnipeg Free Press]

There will be four conferences next year. I’m pushing for one to be named after me. [Winnipeg Free Press]

What shocks me is that once the plans were laid out it only took an hour. Nice work BoG. [Winnipeg Sun]

True North is very happy with realignment. [Winnipeg Sun]

Jets have a chance to see if they really turned the corner tonight as they face the Bruins. [Winnipeg Sun]

To be the best you have to beat the best. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Jets have a chance to go over .500 only problem is they will have to beat the Bruins to do it. [Globe & Mail]

I noticed this when the Jets played the Devils, Burmistrov and Elias having words. Seems the young Jet got under the vet’s skin. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Pizza Pizza partners with the Jets. []



















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