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What a great game! A strong forecheck wore the other team down while stalwart defensive play lead them to victory. Oh sorry I’m not talking about the Jets. My Rec team the Molson Twins won their quarter final playoff game last night. The Jets were horrible yesterday. Yes they managed to score a few goals but their D was anything but stalwart. Noel thinks Pav should be pissed. Sloppy play. An american journalist thinks Winnipeg can’t support the NHL and some parents name their newborn after the hockey team. These and other stories in today’s links.

Coach Noel thinks that Pav should be pissed about his team leaving him out to dry. I think Noel is just compensating since he messed up by leaving his goalie in there. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets play sloppy D and pay the price. [Winnipeg Sun]

Winnipeg started off great but fell apart. The good news is that at least they were able to score some goals. [Winnipeg Sun]

Few bright spots in a pretty ugly game by the Jets. [Winnipeg Sun]

The Jets jumped out to a 2 goal lead but then the D fell apart. [National Post]

I thought  that selling out the MTSC for 5 years and the fact the Winnipeg is in the top ten for revenue would have killed these “Winnipeg is too small for the NHL” articles. I guess not. What i really like is how he says that the Jets left in the 90’s for reasons yet he fails to say what those reasons were. [Beaver County Times]

A little home cooking goes a long way. [London Free Press]

Hockey Day in Canada celebrations. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Fans name baby Jet after the team. yeah I’m serious about that. I guess its a good thing they didn’t call them the Polar bears. [Winnipeg Free Press]










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