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Back to back road wins and the Jets look like they are playing their best Hockey since early December. Having Buff back really helped. I don’t know if it was being out so long or the developments in his court case but the big guy played like he was angry. It was pretty awesome. Near the end of the game Ladd and Kubina were going at it and Kubina gave Ladd a cheap shot. Buff swooped in and grabbed the Lightning player who quickly decided that he didn’t want anything to do with the Jets Blueliner. You could actually see the fear in Kubina’s eyes. Great moment. Well the Jets get back at it tonight as they play another must win game against the Panthers. Back to back road wins for the first time since November. Big win by the Jets. Buff is back and has to go to court. These and other stories in today’s links.

Good game by the Jets. They bent but did not break. This isn’t the same team that was struggling in January. [Winnipeg Sun]

For the first time since November the Jets have won back to back games on the road. [TSN]

So much for being out of shape. Buff had a great game last night. [Winnipeg Free Press]

This is a much different team with Buffi in the lineup. Teams need to always be aware of where the Big Guy is at all times. It really changes the dynamic out there. [Winnipeg Sun]

Buff’s case is going to trial. Kinda shocked by this. Normally the DA wants to make a deal. I guess in this case they want to set an example. [Winnipeg Free Press]














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