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So tonight the Jets face the Leafs in another one of those “must-win” games I keep talking about. Seriously the boys need a win here or risk falling too far behind. They have to try and keep pace with the teams infront of them and then hopefully claw back a few points here and there. The good news is that there is a pretty good chance Kane will be in the lineup tonight. The Jets need all the help they can get up front. Is the Jets low goals total related to the amount of money they spend? Jets lack a scorer. Kane and Stapleton may be back and another winnipeg is back in the NHL piece. These and other stories in today’s links.

A look at what the Jets are getting for the money they are spending. Its nice to say there is a correlation but there are also a lot of teams who are spending a lot more who are below the Jets. So while its easy to say they are too low on the cap scale the truth is that spending money doesn’t equate wins. Just ask the Sabres. [Winnipeg Free Press]

If you put a guy who can consistently put the puck in the net on this team (and maybe another who can help set up) then the Jets are firmly in the playoffs. [Globe & Mail]

Word is that Kane might be back in the lineup today. The question is will the talented forward help spark the Jets offense? [Winnipeg Free Press]

Everyone is aware that the Jets need to start winning games if they want to make the playoffs. [Winnipeg Sun]

Kane & Stapleton will be both game time decisions. [Winnipeg Sun]

Unless Chevy gets him some fresh blood Claude Noel will just have to work with what he’s got. [TSN]

I thought we would be done with these “Winnipeg is in love with their team” articles by now? Especially in cities where we have played a couple of times but I guess they have to write about something. [Toronto Star]















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