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David Aebischer's Mask

So just for the young Jets players a hockey game in the NHL is THREE count them 1, 2, 3. Three periods. Not one, not two but three and you have to play all of them. The Jets looked really good for the first two periods before collapsing in the third. Yes Boston is good but they aren’t that good. There is no excuse for falling apart like that. The Jets collapse. Kane gets called out and there can be only one. These and more stories in today’s links.

Noel takes his best player to task for some uninsipred play. [Winnipeg Sun]

No doubt that Kane is a good player but he’s young and needs a nudge every now and then. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets collapse in the 3rd for second time in four game. PLaying like this does not make you a playoff team. [Winnipeg Sun]

I always love a good Highlander reference. [Winnipeg Sun]

Boo hoo Gary Bettman has some big problems coming up that he will have to deal with. Sorry the guy makes a bazillion a year. No way I’m going to cry for him. [Winnipeg Free Press]

David Aebischer may be with the Ice Caps but he’s got himself a cool Jets themed mask. [Puck Daddy]











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