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The January nightmare continues for the Jets as they face the Sabres tonight. The good news is that its not the Jets who are coming off a back to back game rather its their opponents. You can feel a changes in the attitude of the media towards the team. Gone is the optimism of December and enters the pessimism that really was the hallmark of the Jets 1.0’s media coverage. Lawless declares the season over. The Sun makes a good point about moving free agents. Seven questions and Slater is the heart and soul of this team. These and  other stories in today’s edition of the links.

I was wonder how long it would take until Lawless wrote a “Winnipeg needs to give up on this season” article. The answer for those with a pool was today. [Winnipeg Free Press]

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Sun wrote a really good piece. Its pretty much the same story as the Freep’s version but they actually explain themselves. Instead of going doom and gloom like the Lawless article they look at it from a free agent perspective. Very well done. [Winnipeg Sun]

Seven questions for Jets fans. [Winnipeg Free Press]

I wrote about this a couple months back how the Jets seem to have two identities. Right after my piece they turned it around and things looked good. Seems like the old personality is rearing its ugly head again. [Winnipeg Sun]

Its kinda scary who the Jets hit the skids at pretty much the same time the Thrasher’s did last season. [Winnipeg Sun]

I’ve always liked Jim Slater. [Winnipeg Sun]

All this Jet want to do is rock. I wish he’d score a couple goals too. [Winnipeg Sun]





















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