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Well the All-Star break in upon us so that gives the local writers plenty of opportunity to rag on the team. Get ready for a deluge of “The Jets don’t have enough talent” articles over the next few days. Time off is just what the doctor ordered. SI looks at the return of the Jets. Chevy has a plan and according to a Winnipeg writer who never played the game the Jets do not have enough talent. Pot calling kettle. Pot calling kettle. These and other stories in today’s links.

With no Jets in the All-Star game the entire team gets some time off and it could be just what the doctor ordered. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Winnipeg gets a nice feature in Sports Illustrated. Yeah they delve a little into the negatives of the Peg but its all true. I think this should be required reading for all River City writers. This is how you put a piece together. [Sports Illustrated]

The Jets need to score more goals. Its just that simple. [Winnipeg Sun]

I think you will see the Jets buy and sell at the trade deadline. Chevy is playing his cards very close. Should be interesting to see what he does but if I’m Johnny Oduya I’m probably not buying property in Winnipeg any time soon. [Winnipeg Free Press]

And here goes another piece about how Winnipeg doesn’t have enough talent. Yeah because having your top players hurt for over a month has nothing to do with anything. [Winnipeg Sun]

At least the Jets GM see the bright side of things. [Winnipeg Sun]

If the Jets would have won just HALF of their back to back games they would be in a playoff spot right now. [Metro]


















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