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I don’t know about you but I’m ready to see the Jets back in action. I think I’m having withdrawals. I watched the Winter Classic and can’t wait to see an outdoor game in Winnipeg in the coming years. Trust me its coming. Questions surrond Fehr. The Sun has the same story but just whines about it. Bogo is a hunter and Kane is just getting started. These and other stories in today’s links.

OK a little lesson for those in the sports media. Access is a right given to you by the team not a privilege. You have no power to make a private organization talk to you or make any of their employees talk to you. Crying about it in the papers isn’t going to help anything. Its just going to piss the team off and probably hurt your chance at access down the road. Suck it up and move on. Yes it would have been nice for the media to talk to Fehr but that’s not your call. [Winnipeg Sun]

Questions surround Fehr. Pretty much the same story as the Sun without the whining. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Best at home, worst on the road. Though I tend to agree that the road numbers are a little skewed given the fact that the Jets played so many road game early on. [TSN]

Little may be back in the line up tomorrow against the Habs. [Winnipeg Sun]

A cool little look into the life of Zach Bogosian. I had a feeling that with the right guidance this kid would be OK. Nice to see I was right again :) [London Free Press]

Kane seems pretty happy. He’s young, playing like a beast and about to get a monster contract. I’d be happy too. Winnipeg needs to do whatever it takes to lock this kid up for a long time. [The Province]

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