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Sorry for missing the Links yesterday I was shooting a Mojo Nixon Doc yesterday but now I’m back and ready to go. This is another big one as the Jets with some help from the Blackhawks can be tied with the Caps by the end of the day. No over looking the Cans. Fehr out Bogo is in. Tanner Glass became Gary Lawless’ new favorite player as he doesn’t like the fans booing and Freep writer has read a book. These and other stories in today’s links.

The Jets Can’t overlook the Canes tonight. [Winnipeg Sun]

Eric Fehr only has one kind of luck and thats bad. The local product is out again with a shoulder injury. The good news is Bogosian will be back in the lineup. [Winnipeg Sun]

Winnipeg needs to play this game against the Canes with as much passion and intensity as they did against the Caps. [Winnipeg Free Press]

When anyone is asked about the Jets fans and their booing the only answer should be “its great”. The fans paid for their tickets they can boo anyone they want to. [Globe & Mail] 

Stuart was fined for his hit. I will be honest if I was Shanny I would have given him 2 games. [Winnipeg Sun]

You gotta love a sports article that quotes Chomsky. [Winnipeg Free Press]



















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