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OK so for the next week lets get ready to read a lot of “The Jets are Bad on the Road” stories. Even if they win all three games on this swing they will still hear about their road woes because thats the narrative the media has picked to finish out the season. The Jets face a must win game tonight since Detroit did Winnipeg no favors and sat a bunch of their stars, giving Washington the win. The Jets struggle on the road. Bogo gets off. Canes are pissed and ten more road stories. These are today’s links.

The road has not be kind to the Jets. They need to tighten up defensively if they want a chance at the playoffs. [Winnipeg Sun]

Bogosian gets zippo for his big hit the other night. [Winnipeg Sun]

And the Canes are mighty pissed about it. [News Observer]

The whole shoot and shebang depends on how the Jets do on the road. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets lost all margin for error when they lost to the Cans the other night. Now they face a must win against the Penguins who have been by far the best team in the NHL for the last week or so. [Winnipeg Sun]

If they want to make the post season they need to figure out how to play on the road the way they do at home. [Winnipeg Sun]

Lets worry about making the playoffs before we dream about who we might play. [Globe & Mail]



















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