Jets Links March 25th 2012

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With that loss the Jets are effectively eliminated from the playoff hunt. No one picked the Jets to make the playoffs and to be honest they still need a few pieces. True North didn’t have a lot of time to get this team ready and now will have a year under their belts to build a contender the right way. The Jets were a few injuries and a few bad bounces away from making the post season. Here are today’s links.

For all effective purposes its over. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets drop an important game to the Preds. [Winnipeg Sun]

They couldn’t find the comeback magic two nights in a row. [Winnipeg Sun]

The big guns went silent and there is only so much the 4th line can do. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Some Thrasher fans are down right giddy about the Jets losing. Normally I don’t promote trolling but if that’s something you like to do please have at it. [Keep the Thrashers]

Jets would do well to follow the Preds blueprint. [Winnipeg Sun]

Back to back games haunt the Jets yet again. [TSN]


















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