Jets LInks March 26th 2012

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I was pretty down yesterday morning. I read a lot of boards where former Thrasher fans were ragging on Winnipeg and down right gloating that the Jets looked like they were going to miss the playoffs. Even John Kincade an Atlanta radio hack who introduced us all to the Balkan got into the act and said “Karma”. Then I realized something. It doesn’t matter. Next year we will be watching OUR team and they will be watching cars make left hand turns for 2 hours. If we make the playoffs then its a bonus. The important thing is that we have a team back. Here are today’s links.

A look at the good, bad and the ugly. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Do you get the feeling that some writers are enjoying the fact that it looks like the Jets won’t make the playoffs? [Winnipeg Sun]

The only chance the Jets have is to run the table. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The dream of a first season playoff birth is almost over. [Globe & Mail]

The Jets may be without Little tonight as he got hurt last game. [Winnipeg Sun]



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