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Tonight the Jets get to show that they have soe heart and can win another one for the fans. At this point its all about showing management that you deserve to be here. Listen Stranger things have happened but we are justĀ dilutingĀ ourselves if we think they can make the post season at this point. Here are you links.

Noel won’t blame the -11 top line for the teams recent struggles. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Stick a fork in them. [Winnipeg Free Press]

I really hope the Jets find a way to keep Wellwood. They certainly will have to pay him a heck of a lot more than he’s getting now. [Winnipeg Sun]

Jets say the right things but they have to know that its pretty much over. [Winnipeg Sun]

The reality of missing the post season starts to hit home for the Jets. [Globe & Mail]

Bogosian has the same problem I do with breakaways. Listen I’m no NHL’er but I’m really good with the puck. Put me against a D man and I will dip and doodle all around him. Put me one on one against a goalie and my sweet hands turn to cement. [Winnipeg Sun]

Spencer Machacek wants to stay with the big team. Now lets be honest if its between this guy and Christ Thorburn you have to go with Machacek. [CBC]












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