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Canadian Press

GO BOMBERS GO! The Jets have earned a few days off so now the city can focus on the Bombers as they punched their ticket to the Grey Cup! This truly is a wonderful time to be a fan in Winnipeg. The Jets are back, the Bombers are relavant and have a new stadium on the way. Great Times in the River City, great times indeed. Not a ton of Jets news today. The Jets are a “C” team. Forming an identity. Fehr is back and a look at the future. These and well just these stories on a THE BOMBERS ARE GOING TO THE GREY CUP edition of the links.

Gotta love the Free Press. Yesterday they were planning the parade root for the Stanley Cup celebration. Today the Jets are “fair to middling”. I guess you have to write something. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The same writer tells us now how the Jets are gaining confidence and starting to fly high. Wow that didn’t take long. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets are forming an identity. [Winnipeg Sun]

A look back at Saturday’s game. [Winnipeg Free Press]

A solid performance for Eric Fehr in his first game back. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Evaluating the Jets needs for now and into the future. [Arctic Ice Hockey]














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