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Hate Fest 2011 or the first time the Jets go to visit the Coyotes. If enough Coyote fans show up this could be a very hostile environment for the Jets this afternoon. Last season fans from both cities got into many heated debates over weather hockey belonged in Arizona and who sucked more. This should be fun. Lots of Jets vs. Coyotes talk in today’s links.

Today a classic rivalry begins. Well at least until the Coyotes move to Quebec next season. [Winnipeg Sun]

Things will be a little weird for Shane Doan. [Globe & Mail]

I agree Winnipeg lucked out by getting the Thrashers rather than the Coyotes. Though I will miss watching Glendale City Council meetings. Those things were pure comedy gold. [Winnipeg Free Press]

First there was the home opener. Then Buff and Ladd returned to Chi-town. Now Jets 2.0 play Jets 1.0. It seems that every game has some massive sub plot. It will be nice to get rid of everything else and just worry about Hockey. [Winnipeg Free Press]

It will be interesting to see how many Jets fans make it to arena for the game today. I think it would be pretty funny if there were more Jets fans than Coyotes. [Winnipeg Sun]

Game 2 was way better than game 1. Jets goaltender Ondrej Pavelec hopes to build on that and gude the Jets to their first win. [Toronto Sun]

































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