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OK that was really ugly. The worst part is a I watched the Coyote’s feed and had to listen to their announcers gloating for the entire 3rd period. Listen, we all knew were weren’t getting the 1980’s Oilers, but I still thought this team had potential (and still do). I’m not sure if its the players or the coaching, but something has to give.

Jets lose to the Jets or Coyotes just depends on how you look at it. A ton of Winnipeggers head to the desert for the game. Antropov’s sad penalty shot and Cormier wants a chance. These and more stories on a Sunday edition of the links.

The Coyotes dominated the Jets in a 4-1 win. [Washington Post]

It was a disappointing game against the Coyotes as the Jets seemed to regress even further. [Winnipeg Free Press]

It’s pretty obvious that the main issue with this team is defense. Last night it was Big Buffs turn to be the bad D-man of the night. [Winnipeg Free Press]

2500 Jets fans made the trek to the Desert to see Jets 2.0 take on Jets 1.0 [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Jets fan in attendance were loud and made themselves heard. [Winnipeg Sun]

Yes, the offense has struggled, but I still think the D is the main issue. [National Post]

Coyote bloggers are loving Winnipeg’s struggles. That’s OK; they’ll be in Quebec City next season anyway. [Five for Howling]

This wasn’t the start we had hoped for, yet its still better than not having NHL hockey. [Winnipeg Sun]

Watching Antropov take that penalty shot was painful. [Winnipeg Free Press]

I say give Cormier a chance. Can’t be any worse then we have playing right now. [Telegram]

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