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My first NHL game I ever went to was against the Maple Leafs so anytime the Jets plays the Laughs its special to me. My Dad who was a giant Leafs fan and I would go to every game when the Buds made the trip to the Peg. I’m going to fire up a bowl of Popcorn in his honor and watch the game in glorious HD. Antropov returns to Toronto and no one cares. Letang gets two games for his hit on Burmistrov. Toronto writer talks about Winnipeg’s “dumb move” and Bobby Hull makes no sense. These stories and more on a Jets goes to the big city edition of the links.

Antropov returns to Toronto and really doesn’t seem to care about it. [Globe & Mail]

Slater has been impressive so far this season. He does the little things that help a team. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Tonight’s game against the Leafs will provide more light on wether this team has turned a corner or not. [Winnipeg Sun]

Despite what the Penguin’s broadcasters and their fans say I think that Letang deserved these two games for his hit on Burmistrov. [YAHOO]

Burmistrov has no ill effects from The Orange Drinks’s hit. [Winnipeg Free Press]

This Jets team is a work in progress but if they can build on the other night and not fall into old habits this team could contend for a playoff spot. [CBC]

The bitter train keeps chugging along. CHOO CHOO! I’m sorry I don’t think getting rid of Dudley and Ramsey were ‘dumb moves’. I get it he’s your buddy and the media loves him but True North gets to choose who runs their team not some hack writer from Toronto. And if Dudley and Rammer were so good they would have taken the Thrashers to the playoffs. [Toronto Sun]

Shaw cable begs for your forgiveness. [Winnipeg Free Press]

I think Claude Noel has handled this season as well as could be imagined. [London Free Press]

I haven’t posted a realignment story in a few days so I thought it was due. [Sporting News]

In Breaking News Bobby Hull said some things that made no sense. Sorry Bobby I don’t think Kane’s scoring troubles have anything to do with wearing your old number. [YAHOO]




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