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The Jets head out on a road trip that could define the season. They need to come out of this at least at .500 or they will be in a hole so deep that they may not be able to climb out of. Listen I’m not panicking but if the Jets don’t get it going soon the media is going to go in a frenzy. We just need to be patient and support the boys the best we can. Captain Obvious writes that the Jets top line needs to get it going. A tough road trip. Lots of love for the Jets from the Military and Mark Scheifele may be part of a pretty good WJC team. These stories and more in a “Lordy am I sore from hockey last night” edition of the links.

File this under D for Duh! Jets top line needs to start producing. [National Post]

You could file is in the same section as there is no quick fix for the Jets. [Winnipeg Sun]

Things don’t get any easier for the good guys as the head out on a monster road trip facing some pretty decent teams [Winnipeg Free Press]

This is just lazy journalism. Yes Canadian teams are struggling but hockey as in life is cyclical. Of course the professional journalist had to also take a jab at Winnipeg’s weather. Good one did you come up with that all by yourself or did the monkey with a typewriter help you out? [Vancouver Sun] 

Seems like the Canadian military has adopted a new team as Jets logos appear around the globe. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Jets look to get their first road win (audio). [CJOB]

Jets hit the road in a trip that could define the season. [Globe & Mail]

The Jets are not intimidated by this road trip. Good now go win some games! [Canoe]

If the Canadian junior team can add Mark Scheifele and Ryan Carmel Nugget (or whatever his name is) then I’d be really worried if I were Belarus. [White Cover]

Jets are near the bottom in the power rankings. [CBC]








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