Jets Links – October 6th, 2011

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Before we start I just want to say I am writing this on my Mac. Thanks Steve Jobs. You will be missed.

The Jets go rowing, Bodie is released, more fake Jerseys and Atlanta braces for a year without hockey. These and more stories in today’s links.

For once I find myself agreeing with Gary Lawless, lets keep the past in the past… for now. I know there are a lot of Jets fans who want to relive the 90’s but unless they have a DeLorean that can get up to 88mph they are out of luck. [National Post]

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a team building exercise.  [Globe & Mail]

The Jets have cut local product Troy Bodie. I thought he had a good camp and will probably get a shot somewhere. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Antropov is happy to be in Winnipeg. Hopefully that happiness can translate into some production. [CBC]

The Jets will be one of the dominate story lines in the NHL this season. [The Star]

The Jets fly again as the Coyotes mess continues to drag on. [Vancouver Sun]

This is just embarrassing. Local radio station makes a Jets themed version of Rock Anthem. Kudos to Hot 103 for the effort but this is just sad and very cringe worthy. [NESN]

More fake jerseys seized by the RCMP. As long as people will pay for them, crooks will still make them. [CBC]

Atlanta gets ready to start a hockey season without an NHL team. Sadly no one in Atlanta notices. [Washington Post]

Bitter fake journalist takes a few shots at Winnipeg. When the whole Atlanta to Winnipeg rumors started this clown openly mocked Winnipeg and repeatedly attacked Jets fans. He falsely hyped the Balkan rumors and would actively troll Jets fans on twitter and message boards. I feel bad for most Atlanta fans. This guy, not so much. [Examiner]

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