Jets Links October 9th, 2011 – JETS-MAS!

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This is your day Winnipeg enjoy it. Links go now!

As someone who lives outside of Winnipeg I can tell you that EVERYONE is talking about the return of the Jets! [New York Times]

I think its safe to say Mark Scheifele will be smiling today. [National Post]

Tonight a new era begins in Winnipeg. Jets 2.0! [Winnipeg Free Press]

While everyone in the world would be happy if the Jets won the Stanley Cup the team is focused on one goal. Playoffs. [TSN]

This team will have a couple of years of good will built up but at some point they will need to produce on the ice. [Winnipeg Free Press]

If you want to get one of the few “walk up” tickets your odds are about 1 in 6. [Winnipeg Free Press]

This isn’t you Father’s Jets. This team will be looking towards the future, not the past. And I like it. [Washington Post]

Today’s game will be historic and with a hype level on par of a Stanley Cup Final or a Winter Classic. [Winnipeg Sun]

What will be the magic words Dennis Beyak be when the Jets score their first goal? The play by play man has a few ideas but you’ll have to wait to hear them. [CTV]

Claude Noel thinks that this is a playoff team [Globe & Mail]

Atlanta fans DID NOT GET SCREWED! Yes they had horrible owners but it was the fans who made the choice to punish them by not showing up. Its called the free market. With that said the NHL needs to look into their stupid blackout rules.  [Yahoo]


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