Winnipeg Jets: For The Love Of The Game Documentary Part 2/3

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This TSN Documentary examines the passion for the game of Hockey in Canada & the notion that perhaps the NHL is deliberately keeping Canadian teams out of its exclusive club.

The 3- part series looks as all aspects of keeping a franchise in Winnipeg through interviews with all of the main players. Everyone from the Mayor Of Winnipeg, Premier of Manitoba, Owner of the Winnipeg Jets, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman & Most importantly; The Fans.

Something to think about while watching this documentary, If Bettman himself states that if there are not enough fans going to the games to make it successful; Why in 2008 are we stuck still watching failing franchises in the Southern States?

Winnipeg had the fan base. The problem was that Winnipeg Arena was not suitable for the NHL to provide revenue for Players Salaries. On another note, cities such as Pittsburgh were in the exact same position.

A cursory view makes it appear that the powers that be did much more to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh than was done for the city of Winnipeg.

Remember, In 1996 Winnipeg’s mayor Susan Thompson, spent $130 million of taxpayer money to prepare for the 1999 Pan American Games instead of building an arena for the Jets. The Pan-Am funds were used to improve roads and clean up Winnipeg for the 16-day event. Years later, the $130 million Winnipeg spent has amortized into nothing. Susan Thompson was thinking short-term.

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