Jets Vs Avs Dec 27th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 16-14-5 37pts

Colorado Avalanche 19-17-1 39pts

8pm Pepsi Center

Welome back! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are rested and ready for the run to the playoffs. The Jets haven’t been very good this season on the road and look to make a fresh start against the red hot Avs. Claude Noel has hinted Chris Mason will get the start and while Pav gives us the best chance to win but I really want to see Mason’s sick pads in action. I predict that the play by play announcers will dedicate at least half od the breaks in the first period to talking about Mason’s equipment. Once again the Jets will be without Bryan Little who is out with an undisclosed foot injury which occurred when he got hit with a puck. Doesn’t take a doctor to know its a broken bone in his foot but I guess its the NHL way to play it cute with the injuries.



The Jets were in it all along. They out played the Pens in the first tied it up in the second and then completely collapsed in the third. That happens but now its time to move on. You could see that Claude Noel wasn’t very happy with his team’s performance and I have a feeling the 48 hour break did nothing to temper his anger. The good news is the Jets seem to respond after a bad outing. Thats a sign of heart and we are going to need a lot of it if a playoff run is in this team’s future. The Jets have to come out fast and take the crowd out of it. The fans at the Pepsi center are a fickle bunch. If the Jets can get out quick they can turn the fans and take them out of the equation.


The altitude can affect you and the best way to combat that is to keep the shifts short. The average NHL shift is 48 seconds. In this game the Jets need to drop at least 10-15 seconds off of that. Sure doesn’t seem like much but over the course of the game every second adds up. In a perfect world the Jets will be able to roll four lines and keep everyone fresh. If they can consistency get the fourth line out there the need for shorter shifts dissipates. Yet as with everything in life things don’t always got to plan. Penalties, injuries and the match ups have a tendency to limit fourth line play.


Kane cooled down a bit in  December with only one goal in his last seven games. He’s knotting some helpers but in order for Winnipeg to be successful the Jets need the burgeoning superstar to put the puck in the net. Part of his decline can be attributed to other teams keying on him and matching him up against defensive specialists. Still you can see Kane trying to force it a bit as he did in the first part of the season. He needs to relax and get pucks towards the net. One of the problems with the Jets is they try and be too cute some of the time. Basic hockey wins games and when the Jets put a notch in the W column thats how they do it, by playing basic, simple hockey. Pucks in deep, man infront of the goal, and cycle the puck. Thats how you win.

Go Jets Go.

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